Sunday, 17 February 2013

Second album on way from Pure X

Pure X will release their second album Crawling Up The Stairs on May 14 worldwide on Merok and Acephale Records in North America.

Crawling Up The Stairs is the second LP from the Austin, Texas, group made up of principal members Nate Grace, Jesse Jenkins and Austin Youngblood. They stay true to the dense sound they explored on their last album, Pleasure, but add twinkling atmospherics and a new clarity to their carefully cultivated, emotionally heavy songs.

It is an album born from emotional turmoil. For much of 2012, Grace was laid up with a serious leg injury. During the recording period, he had no insurance, no money, and if he ever was going to walk again, he needed to have surgery. Grace had no idea if he'd get the money together, and was consumed with doubt, unable to sleep.

After a cathartic but torturous night of insomnia, heavy with world-worry and intermittent nightmares, Grace emerged feeling exhausted and different. Not better or worse, but different. Ready to heal. Crawling is the result of that. Track by track, Grace, Youngblood and Jenkins—who shares vocal and songwriting duties—drag themselves through a bad year.

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