Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Jay Pollock releases Sunflower album

INDIE rock artist Jay Pollock has released the album Sunflower.

The Toronto multi-instrumentalist and singer got in touch with RealSoundsOK to tell us about the album.

He said: "I comfortably write crooked lyrics and freely bend the melodies towards the sour notes. My father was a world champion Scottish bagpiper, so I rebelled and played the sitar. 
In some ways, this brought me to my current writing style. 

"My bass player, Ben Huband is a legally blind, nude-model who walks 10 miles a day and obsessively memorizes celebrity death anniversaries. My drummer, Lowell Whitty is jazz-trained, wild, and also plays in a brass funk band (The Heavyweights Brass Band). 

"Sunflower showcases the twisted melodies that mirror my thoughts."

You can listen below and for more information visit

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