Sunday, 22 November 2015

One-Way Song Q&A

Your name:
Luke Gilfedder.

Where are you from?
Warrington, UK.

Name of band:
One-Way Song.

Who else is in your band?
Angus Macalister from Wilmslow and Danielle Roseler, a ‘model with a cause’ from South Africa.

How would you describe yourselves and your music?
We don’t come from a music background originally. Me and Angus left school in 2011 to set up a theatre group ‘Finn Youth’. We took shows to London’s West End and had our own theatre based at Pownall Hall in Wilmslow (The brewer Henry Boddington’s old manor house - it was apparently haunted by the ghost of a jealous butler). One-Way Song is like the musical Finn Youth: it’s about having a strong work-ethic, being young yet independent, and not apathetic despite the current economic situation.

Who are your main influences musically?
Lots of new stuff - Real Lies from London are cracking, and Damien Dempsey is really underrated. But the group all have different tastes. Angus likes the gothic singer William Control. Danielle likes J Hus. It’s all good!

What do you hope to achieve in music?
Something sustained beyond the echo-chamber of social media. That’s enough for now. Finn Youth was not just a group but a lifestyle, I want One-Way Song to be the same.

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why?
We actually did a song in the middle of a theatre show I wrote called ‘That’s Jam’ which was on at the Royal Exchange in Manchester - we were only 18 or 19. That was a big moment, a big statement of intent at the time that we were serious about this.

And what’s the moment you want to forget?
Doing a cover of ‘The Smoke Goes Up The Chimney’, forgetting no-one would get the joke. My grandma used to sing it at parties, and she did it better!

If you had to pick just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why?
Right now, our debut single 'When I Was Bully’ - it’s about 2015 but it’s done through a character study and not just writing about yourself. Angus sings it well and the video with Danielle as Deansgate’s damsel-in-distress is good.

Where can we listen to it?

Where can we find out more about your music? 

Anything else you’d like to say about your music that I forgot to ask?
We’ll be releasing our debut album, provisionally titled ‘Passionate Leave’ early 2016. There’ll be a tour to support it so come on down it will be good! Thanks again for the interview! 

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