Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Omnis Q&A

Your name: 
Ethan Baker.

Where are you from?
We are all from South Orange County, CA. 

Name of band: 

Who else is in your band? 
There is AJ (Drummer), Kyle (Guitarist), Dan (Bassist), and Dalton (Vocalist). I am the other guitar player. 

How would you describe yourselves and your music?
Our foundation is death metal, but we experiment a lot with other styles and genres. When you combine all of our music tastes, we damn near cover everything. We love metal, but from the beginning we have always tried to fuse other styles with metal. And when we do switch on the fly into another style the look on people's surprised faces is always priceless.  

Who are your main influences musically?
We listen to so many different kinds of music that when we write anything can happen. But I would have to say Between The Buried And Me is a big one. Some others that you might hear in our music include Born of Osiris, Scale The Summit, Dream Theater, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Of course, this is just the metal side of things.  

What do you hope to achieve in music?
We just want to create great music that people can enjoy. If we can one day do this full time, then great. If not, then we are just going to keep putting music out there and play live whenever we can. 

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why?
Finishing our full length CD Accumulation. We recorded it all at Kyle's studio ourselves. It was a lot of work, and I don't think we had any idea how much goes into a CD when we started. But it was a great learning experience. Most bands do EPs, but we had, and still have, so much music that we went for the full length. We didn't want these songs to go unused. So we went for it. At least now when we go back into the studio to record another, we will know how to handle the process more efficiently. 

And what’s the moment you want to forget?
Probably the time we had to pull out of a show. Its very unprofessional to do this as a band, but there was no benefit of playing. We were paying to play in front of no one really. And it just wasn't worth it. The booker was not too happy, but at the end of the day, you need to do what makes sense. Especially when you are paying to play. 

If you had to pick just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why?
Dehumanize. It has a killer jazz/groove opener with a clean guitar solo. It transitions straight into djenty heavy riffs, followed by a bass solo, then two guitar solos. And Dalton's vocals sound wicked on that song. All around, it represents the sound we have started moving towards. 

Where can we listen to it?
You can download our full length CD on Bandcamp. We gave you the option to Name Your Price. So you can get it for a penny, ten bucks, or for free! It is completely up to you. Here is the link:  

Where can we find out more about your music?
You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @OmnisBand

And if you want to hear the album in its entirety before you purchase it, you can find it under the BandPage tab on our Facebook page, on our SoundCloud, or the YouTube album stream we have up. All we ask is that if you like it, share it with your friends! Here are the links: 

Anything else you’d like to say about your music that I forgot to ask?
I don't think one song on the CD sounds like another. So give each one a shot. You might be surprised what you come across. We are working on a few singles we are going to release later this year. So start following us and stay tuned! 

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