Sunday, 28 September 2014

Glitchfield Plaines brings us Romeda Records

THE brains behind experimental electro outfit Glitchfield Plaines has set up his own music label.

Dave Lavery set up Romeda Records at the beginning of the month and already has four other acts on its roster - Hawk Of The Low Hills, apostrophic, Ambrose Chappel and Owlbinos Of Northfield.

He got in touch with RealSoundsOK to tell us all about it.

The artist from Southport, UK, said: "At its core is electronic music, although this is not exclusive. It's purpose is to be a vehicle for assisting our artists to (hopefully) reach a wider audience. 

"Two big influences on the label are Warp Records and Ninja Tune. Their origins are genre specific, but as they have grown, so to has the range of musical styles they release. If Romeda could have one per cent of their success we'd be very happy!

"The project is a huge learning curve. We wanted to do things properly and so made sure Romeda is registered with all the right bodies for royalty payments and rights etc. This is a minefield of information and organisations when you're new to it!

"Initially all the releases will be digital and you can find our music worldwide at over 600 download and streaming sites. Physical releases are planned as and when it is possible to do so and we'd like to utilise unique and interesting packaging where cost allows. 

"It is just a case of taking things one step at a time, and hopefully the label will begin to take shape. It's still very early days and the focus for now though will be on gathering interest and gaining exposure for the label and artists."

You can find out more at and follow them on Twitter @_Romeda - and check out tracks from Hawk Of The Low Hills and apostrophic below.

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