Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gramme back with new album

PUNK-funk cult group Gramme have unveiled a video for new track Laugh Out Loud following the release of their long-awaited debut album Fascination last week.

It marks a Bowie-esque return for the band after a decade of silence - no gigs, no music, no nothing.

Gramme is the musically pioneering band that went missing in action sometime around 2000. Originally signed to Trevor Jackson's Output label, the band emerged in the mid-nineties with a sound so out of step with the cultural milieu they found themselves swimming against the tide. 

Originally a five piece, the band formed around a shared love of the emotional melancholy now synonymous with Factory artists such as Joy Division, Section 25 and A Certain Ratio. 

The cult around the band and their lone release, the Pre-Release EP - recorded in 1997 and released two years later - continued to grow until in 2011 some mysterious 12" bootlegs of Like U began to appear, with edits by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. 

A few months later self-released white labels begin to circulate with new Gramme material. Those recent EPs have gone on to form Fascination, the first full studio album by Gramme.

Gramme 2012, now a streamlined four piece but equally as passionate and excited by the possibilities of their own music making. 

The album represents about two and a half years of sporadic but intense writing, jamming, recording and editing and at least three complete fresh starts.

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