Monday, 25 March 2013

Dark world of Sonny & The Sunsets

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THINGS are certainly getting deep and dark on Sonny & The Sunsets new album Antenna To The Afterworld.

The murder of a close friend of the band led Sonny Smith to think a lot about death and life after death. Shortly after, a visit to a psychic/medium brought Smith into contact with another friend who had died.

This encounter with the afterworld inspired many of the lyrics on Sonny & the Sunsets' new record. 

As a writer ­­ of songs, or plays, or short stories ­­ Smith has never limited himself to one style or theme. 

On Antenna to the Afterworld, Smith likens himself to a space being visiting Earth using wry humour, gritty poetry, and a myriad of musical lenses fleshed out by drummer Kelley Stoltz's Joy Division-­like beats, Ryan Browne's new wavish basslines, and Tahlia Harbour's deadpan vocals.

"I come from the planet of dogs / ... / And I walk on your streets / ... / and I can't wait to find / My little place in your weird world," Smith sings on opening track Dark Corners.

His journey continues on Mutilator where he enchants the listener with a vivid description of the titular woman's lair: "Back at her place, a half eaten steak on a plate / And an old melon rind and some torn up drapes / And on her bed of nails she makes me lie / ... / Mutilator, you send shivers down my spine."

Later, "Girl on the Streets" proves to be one of the most immediate and infectious songs found onAntenna to the Afterworld, as Smith pairs an upbeat, major key melody with a candid depiction of a homeless girl he observes while walking the streets of his native San Francisco.

The album will be out later this year, but you can get a taste by listening to Dark Corners below. For more information on the band visit or

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