Friday, 15 March 2013

The Hush Now issue new single Arkansas

BOSTON quintet The Hush Now have been making a noise at SXSW and are now putting out a new single Arkansas.

Taken from the band’s forthcoming third album Memos, the track showcases them at their rousing, indie-pop best.

Vocalist Noel Kelly said: “Arkansas started out with a garage band loop conjured up by our keyboardist in the back of our crammed tour van while on our way down to SXSW.

It's a good 36-hour haul from Boston to Austin. We played a couple of shows on the way down in NYC and Philadelphia, but on the last leg of the trip and about halfway through the state of Arkansas our drummer found out that a dear friend had passed unexpectedly.

“We stopped and mulled over our options at a gas and sip and eventually decided to carry on. We spent the week in Austin like ghosts shifting through the crowds and then piled back into the van for a marathon, non-stop drive back to Boston.

Although the song at its core is about being caught in a manipulative relationship, the lyrics try to capture that time rumbling back through the vastness of Arkansas, staring out the window and lost in reflection with a sense of nothing to return to at home.”

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