Tuesday, 7 May 2013

ShirleyMae Smith Q&A

Your name:
ShirleyMae Smith.

Where are you from?
I am from a small town Jamaica in the state of Vermont in the USA.

Band name:
I am a solo artist. I have two YouTube channels. Number one being countryluvbugslady where I first started posting my singing, cover songs and originals at the suggestion of friends. Number two is called sherockit62. I had created a song entitled Sherockit, Sherockit. When someone suggested that would be a great stage name I created a channel for it to post only my original songs. I am a songwriter/singer, freelance journalist, poet. I play no instruments so use virtual instrumentation to accompany my lyrics to create a song or sing acapella.

How would you describe yourself?
First I'm an individualist, a loner. I discovered at age eight that I had a gift to write poetry, rhymes spontaneously at odd times. Sometimes a blessing but a curse if you want to sleep and rhymes keep coming through your mind. Until recently I had jotted down words leaving them in piles. Friends suggested writing a poetry book so that is also in the process.
I'm an honest, caring, patient person, however I'm toughened by life events. Being a victim of childhood and later domestic violence/abuse I learned at an early age not to trust everyone. I love to sing and I love art. I am unique and always try to be me. I try to keep my singing unique to me. Some people have told me I sound like Patsy Cline, EmmyLou Harris, Crystal Gayle or Loretta Lynn. This is an honor but I never try to copy anyone else's style or vocals.

What do you hope to achieve in music?
I started out posting my creations acapella and people encouraged me to present more. I did some cover songs but I rather do my own songs my way. I am not striving to become famous or a celebrity. I'd like to think my music would be popular. I'm hoping to create at least one album. If that album should come to fruition and sell well I would use the proceeds to better my life and the lives of others around me. One example being my son's home, etc needing to be replaced. He lost everything during Hurricane Irene and I want to help him rebuild.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
I would hardly call what I do a career yet. I think the highlight of what I do has been the realization that I can do more with the words I write as lyrics than let them lay around in piles.

What is a moment you would want to forget?
I never want to forget anything good or bad as remembering helps me to focus on who to trust or not trust.Remembering helps me to not make the same mistake twice. I have met with a lot of online bullying and had at least one relationship that left me with a heartache so I guess if I could ease the pain of those events I would not forget but it would be nice to feel more comfortable.

What one song would you say represents your music?
I would say all my songs represent me and my uniqueness but the one song that represents my music is 'The Road That Leads Me Home'. I say this because singing/creating is a journey and no matter where it leads us we will all one day end up home wherever we call home whether it is where we were born or in Heaven with our Saviour.

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