Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mayor of Miyazaki to release second album

LONDON math-punk trio Mayors of Miyazaki are preparing to release their second album, Holy Cop. 

It follows their 2008 LP Buffalo!, which was well received by critics and continues to gain radio play.

Although still gigging semi-regularly throughout 2009/10, Mayors Of Miyazazki took a back seat to other commitments. 

Both Claire and Tom took time out for personal reasons, and Gareth joined hardcore trio Silent Front on drums, with whom he still plays. 

For around 12 months, Chris Hutchinson (Kill Murray) filled in on drums for Tom, to enable Mayors to continue playing live in his absence.

As things began to pick up again 2011/12, Tom returned and Mayors embarked on a 10-date tour across the UK and Ireland. 

And in November 2012, Bristol-based We-Be Records put out a split 7" single with fellow Londoners Death Pedals.

Next up for the Mayors is the CD release of Holy Cop - recorded at the legendary Southern Studios by Harvey Birrell (Fugazi, PJ Harvey, Shellac, Cat on Form, Johnny Foreigner, Chrome Hoof). 

Throughout the summer, Mayors will appear at numerous festivals and tour the UK and Ireland in support of Holy Cop, which will be released on We Be Records and distributed physically and digitally by Cargo in the UK and beyond.

Here's a taste of things to come...

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