Thursday, 13 June 2013

Return of The Super Happy Fun Club

CHICAGO pop-punks The Super Happy Fun Club return in August with their new album All Funned Up and a UK tour in support.

But it is a different beast to the one that we last saw a few years ago.

Back in 2011, they were riding on an all time high. Their debut record Go Fun Yourself was selling by the bucket-load, they’d toured the UK and Europe with hometown friends Madina Lake, and the future looked very bright indeed.

Tragedy however was not far away. In the time since Go Fun Yourself, the band have endured the death of a close friend, the end of lead singer Stubhy’s marriage, as well as the resulting fallout from the band’s own destructive tendencies with alcohol. 

The answer? The holed themselves up in ahome studio and made the music they love with their best friends. 

Stubhy said: "We got to really come together on this record musically and develop our sound as a band. This is a cohesive record about getting through a miserable time but finding hope after hitting rock bottom. 

"I hope everyone that’s been through a hard time can find some strength in these songs and sing and scream along with us triumphantly! The ultimate reward will be playing these songs for our friends in the UK!"

Their UK tour later this year is once again with Madina Lake and a full list of shows can be found on their website at

And you can check out the video for Way Back below.

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