Thursday, 22 August 2013

Born Ruffians heading to Europe

CANADIAN indie rockers Born Ruffians are heading to Europe on tour next month following the release of the album Birthmarks in April.

They start off with dates in Manchester, London and Brighton in the UK before heading on to France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Ontario-based group have also released a new video for their single Needle.

Luke Lalonde from the band said: "The beauty of anonymity is basically the subject of ‘Needle.’ The song mostly centers around the 'needle in the hay' as a thing. Needle, to me, is really about being out of the game for a bit and losing touch with that identity in a good way. 

"I think moving through your mid-twenties and not really doing what other people your age might be doing, or what a lot of people my age feel like they should be doing - like a PhD, or buying a house, or having a real job with a salary and benefits - is a bit like the needle falling through the haystack and losing the more youthful ‘the world is my oyster’ feeling."

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