Thursday, 10 October 2013

Costa Rican noise rock duo release new album

EXPERIMENTAL noise rock duo Colornoise will release their album Polychronic on Monday.

Sonya and Alison from the Costa Rican band got in touch with RealSoundsOK to explain what it's all about.

They said: "Existentially, Colornoise represents a release of energy, music that lives in the present. Sunny afternoons, animals, architecture, cosmology of chaos, all kinds of music and rhythms, and to meet people with substance inspire us. We're driven to continue to evolve, both as people and musicians; our plan is to flow always.

"We spent the last year playing Central America, Brazil, Canada, and even getting to play next to Björk, the Flaming Lips and Skrillex in Costa Rica! We're planning on touring heavily in 2014, stopping in as many different places as possible. First stop is Canada this October!"

You can check out the album at and the video for their track Button above. Enjoy.

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