Monday, 21 October 2013

Music with a message from Kojo

AFRICAN musician Kojo 'Easy' Damptey has released his debut record Daylight Robbery, and hopes his message is heard by a wide audience.

Kojo spoke to RealSoundsOK about his background and how it affected the recording of his album.

He said: "As a musician, I paint pictures as an African from Ghana, a black man and an immigrant living in Canada. But I do hope Daylight Robbery speaks the souls and minds of people from all backgrounds.

"Most people would say it’s a political and conscious record. I would say it’s a soulful record that speaks to the many stories people face around the world. Stories of violence, race, injustice, hope and love. 

"In observing and living in a country such as Canada, you see how many a times people’s confidence are shaken and rights taken away. You see people of color being pushed around, never having a voice. People in these situations have lost their will, their thoughts and their imagination, hence the title of the record Daylight Robbery. 

"If we have been robbed of our will, our rights, our confidence, our history, our culture, and our identity you need to ask yourself: What are we going to do about it? How do we change this current system.

"Daylight Robbery speaks and engages with these issues, and asks you to engage too."

You can hear the record and download first single Chasing The Felon at and for more information on the artist, visit

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