Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Medicine Hat's sound of love

MUSIC and love have long gone hand in hand and that's certainly the case for Ontario outfit The Medicine Hat's debut record Old Bones.

Band member Nabi Bersche told RealSoundsOK: "The Medicine Hat is the sound of falling in love: magical, uncompromising, and a bit ridiculous.

"Our first record documents the early days of Tyler and I falling in love. This June we released Old Bones to coincide with our wedding. It was a romantic ideal, but not really a practical one. When you’ve got a wedding, an album is doubtful to take precedent."

The couple are joined in the band by Aaron Hoffman, Elliott Gwynne and Michael Boyd, and to celebrate the record they have made its title track and a second single, Spits Out The Light, free to download until Christmas.

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