Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Jason Thomson goes solo after 13 years

AFTER 13 years with his band Sometimes Why, Jason Thomson is branching out on his own.

Under the guise of Vast Robot Armies, the Canadian will release his first solo record Goodnight Myopia - and he has made the album "name your price" on vastrobotarmies.bandcamp.com

Jason told RealSoundsOK: "After the dissolution of the band, I had these periodic negative thoughts that I would never be able to write and record music again. 

"The perpetual questions, 'Is that it? Was that the last song...ever?' starting invading my daily life. Except that I never stopped writing. I never stopped recording. When I was sitting on the porch I found myself writing. When I was on the subway I was demoing. I worried about musical atrophy, but the opposite was truth. I was completely enthralled with the music I was making."

Allen Epley and Eric Abert of The Life and Times (formerly Shiner) ended up producing the album in what Jason calls a "seven-day euphoric, chaotic, binge, struggle, release of everything that had built up since the last few months of Sometimes Why".

You can have a listen to the album below and visit www.facebook.com/vastrobotarmies for more details.

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