Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hick-rockers seek a little help

HICK-rockers Will Tommy Jones have made a passionate plea for financial assistance in producing their second album.

Frontman Gary Joe Mitchell told RealSoundsOK: "I will just come right out and say it! I need a little help producing my 2nd album. I am a starving artist with a totally unique brand of music. 

"There is NOTHING out there like it. Music fans, as you know, are chomping at the bit for something totally new and unique. Will Tommy Jones is hick-rock. We are just some guys from rural north Texas doing what we have always done simply because it is all we know how to do. 

"Turns out that our fusion of classical, country, Latin, mellow rock & jazz with a big scoop of the hick-like twang of Hank Williams Sr developed into something that is going to make a major impact on the music world. 

"It's eerily prophetic lyrics backed by some hick-rock, catchy musical accompaniment will make any contribution u are able to make WELL worth it! I promise you, there is NOTHING out there that sounds like this! Please at least check out my indiegogo project to see what I am trying to get accomplished."

The band has only a few days left to achieve their goal, so to find out more or to help visit

For more on the band, check out the Q&A they did with RealSoundsOK here.

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