Thursday, 3 April 2014

New single from E-MUTE

ALT-rock outfit E-MUTE is now a solo project and has a new single out on April 10th.

The video for Miracle can be viewed above and Theo Mak - the brains behind the music - has been in touch with RealSoundsOK to tell us about the shift in set-up and sounds.

He said: "It is actually the first piece of music that I started writing a few years ago totally on my own without having to depend on any sort of collaborations with other musicians. Finally I got round to properly recording it and releasing it.

"I came up with the main piano arpeggio and melody during a very intense period of my life. My dad was in the hospital literally counting his last days and my band with Scott James from the Stereophonics had just split up.

"I have never again felt like that in my whole life. I was experiencing a great level of sadness and sorrow while discovering a state of existence and a side of myself that until that point; I did not know it was there. I’m overall a very positive personality but back then I was just overwhelmed by my emotions.

"I was just living the moment and was not concerned about the future or the past. Miracle was a product of those times. The lyrics and melody of the song reflect it. I was very angry and outraged so this was a conversation I was attempting to have with God himself (or whatever is out there). As always, it ended up being a monologue, never got a reply back but hey, it's a very good and unique tune - I think - I absolutely love it.

"It is real music coming straight from my soul and thanks to that I managed to get a lot of the darkness that was in me during that period out.

"A few things that I love using when I write lyrics is metaphors, oxymorons and antithesis. Did you notice that the last chorus twists the whole meaning of the song? That ‘YOU’ in capital letters has replaced ‘I’. For me God, the world, the Universe is what we make out of it. We are the Universe’s consciousness. Let’s all try to improve ourselves first and then seek for redemption. That’s the meaning of my song. Hope you enjoy the track!"

Londoner Theo has been working on an album's worth of material, but says - at this point - it makes more sense for him to release a single at a time.

You can pre-order the single on Amazon and for more information visit

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