Thursday, 8 May 2014

9yrs deliver Chemical Love Letters

CHEMICAL Love Letters is the current album from Toronto pop-rock band 9yrs.

They got in touch with RealSoundsOK to tell us about the release, saying: "9yrs is a project built on juxtaposition. We're a group that thrives off of tension. Ivie attempts to keep the songs in the world of pop, while Derek frantically tries to kick them out.

"We grew up listening to completely different music and it shows: there's conflict, a consistent
battle between the music and Ivie's voice. We're trying to get away from complexity and trying
to get away from simplicity at the same time.

"The lyrics range from the monumental to the mundane – obsession, death, and New Orleans to
bad service in a coffee shop. The majority of the stuff we write has to do with loss of some kind."

You can listen to their tracks below and for more information visit, or

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