Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Aerosmith get The Lounge Kittens treatment

SOUTHAMPTON music tweakers The Lounge Kittens have unveiled a video for their reworking of Aerosmith ballad I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Directed and produced by Marianne Harris, the video sees the three Kittens using somewhat sinister seduction techniques on an unsuspecting, bearded target. 

Timia Kitten, who produced the concept for the video, told RealSoundsOK: "Zan had suggested to us that Connery’s Barbershop would be a perfect location for a video and she was absolutely on the money! It oozes elegance and class with a very British flavour, but is set off by a sense of ‘Sweeny Todd eeriness’. It complimented our neo-vintage style beautifully.

"The arrangement of the song really highlights the intense creepiness of the lyrics; once a power-ballad, now a crazed stalker’s anthem… The result is pure delusion and derangement, ending up with a montage of us going on a series of mini-dates with an unconscious gentleman.”

Jen Kitten, who is responsible for writing the new version of the track, added: "I came up with the idea whilst I was in bed... alone, mind you! I was thinking about the different types of style that we could utilise and thought I’d really like to do something in a tango style…. I was imagining the kind of naughty, sexy, but totally clueless image we could make through a tango, and started thinking of songs that could suit it.

"The tango is totally about power, so I naturally turned to rock and more specifically, rock love songs and well, we’d been wanting to work on an Aerosmith track for a while."

The Aerosmith track follows the Kittens' version of Limp Bizkit's Rollin'. The band are due to play Glastonbury and Sonisphere in the UK this summer and to find out more, visit

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