Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Kat Eaton releases Ont' Sofa EP

ONLINE music channel Ont' Sofa have released their second EP for 2014.

The five-track Kat Eaton LIVE Ont’ Sofa EP is out now and can be bought via iTunes here

The Ont' Sofa idea was born out of a desire to showcase talent from across the UK in a live setting. Ben Davis and Jason Odle - the duo behind the project - travel the country setting up pop-up gigs in not-so-typical venues and creating a live record.

Singer-songwriter Kat released her debut single Alien last year and has been building up good support around the UK touring with the likes of Sandi Thom and Nell Bryden.

You can listen to the results below and for more information visit ontsofa.com, twitter.com/ontsofa or twitter.com/kateatonmusic

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