Thursday, 21 August 2014

Third album from Arkells

ARKELLS have released their third album High Noon.

The Canadian rockers say the album sees them embrace of "melting pot of modern production, heartfelt vocals and throwback soul", which all sounds kinda good.

The band have also put out the single 11:11 and lead singer Max Kerman said: "We've written songs about love before, but the protagonist is usually a bit of an asshole and the situation in general is grim. 11:11 is the opposite of that.

"There's nothing but hope in the air, blue skies ahead. There's a local rock n roll club called The Casbah in our home town of Hamilton, Ontario, and that's where the song takes place. I was at a show watching a band and I met a girl."

You can listen to 11:11 below and for more on the band visit

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