Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Debut album from Manic Pixi

MANIC Pixi have released their debut album Sugar Bomb!

The pop grunge outfit from Brooklyn is the brainchild of singer Kat Hamilton and drummer Emmett Ceglia.

Described as an "LGBT-friendly band full of ceaseless energy and playful antics", they released their first single Hangover in December 2013 and followed it with Kiss Me in March this year.

Bassist Tom Shani said: "I love Kiss Me. One show I watched [guitarist] Marsh [Biever] play one-handed hammer-ons while motioning cunnilingus with this other during the chorus. Now all I this about is his other mouth."

You can listen to the album below and download it from manicpixi.bandcamp.com

Find out more about the band at facebook.com/manicpixi

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