Sunday, 28 September 2014

First EP of trilogy from Rooftop Revolutionaries

ROOFTOP Revolutionaries have released RED, the first EP from their Red, White & Blue trilogy.

They describe themselves as a political hard rock band with their music a medium to fight corruption, to engage through entertainment and to push for change.

Eleanor Goldfield from the LA band told RealSoundsOK: "This is the driving force behind the EP, and particularly the first song Con Artist.

"This song deals with the vapidity of today's mainstream pop culture. Artists are the voice of a generation - and what's our generation saying? Don't stop the party, bitches, hos and beer. Lovely.

"Wrapped in a catchy melody, we digest these empty intellectual calories, socially and personally devolving. 

"Not every song, film, picture and poem needs to be about politics or the human condition or social development, but when every creative endeavor focuses on escaping reality instead of engaging with your actual surroundings, you create an apathetic generation that can be molded and dumbed down without fighting back."

Eleanor says it's the job of artists like Rooftop Revolutionaries to evolve society through entertaining and creative means - but feels this generation is failing.

The EP also includes Diamonds ("a straightforward condemnation of organized religion"), Floodlight (a collaboration with Tim Almeida of Native Alien Tribe) and We Will Rock You, a remake of the Queen classic with lyrics to highlight the "corrupt political system we're fighting against".

You can get the EP on iTunes and Amazon and for more on the band visit

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