Thursday, 2 October 2014

JJ Hodari on debut single Break Our Bones

SINGER-songwriter JJ Hodari will release his debut single Break Our Bones on October 13th.

The track is the Manchester-born artist's reflection on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following a year living in Israel.

Hodari, who used to play alongside London Grammar's Dan Rothman says he wants to make "real music, no gimmicks".

He added: "People have actually told me the song sounds a bit like Fleetwood Mac, which is - of course - very flattering.

"It's about the nature of aggressive ideologies clashing. Many conflicts are between two rights, not a simple right and wrong.

"So many people believe in their own truth so strongly that it can be scary, or even impossible to look beyond it. However, ultimately, only dialogue will create lasting settlement and understanding.

"This could be about a relationship as much as it could be about war."

Despite his articulate viewpoint, Hodari, who graduated with First Class Honours in History, has no interest in becoming a purely political voice.

He said: "I worked in politics for two and half years. It's not a medium through which I'd hope to change views. Music's the one for me."

Hodari's EP will be released later in the year and, for now, you can listen to Break Our Bones below and visit for more.

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