Sunday, 12 April 2015

New video from Ryan O'Reilly

CONTEMPORARY folk band Ryan O'Reilly are preparing to release their first full album in the UK.

But in the meantime the globe-trotting singer-songwriter who gives his name to the band has been living with his bandmates in Hamilton, Ontario.

He told RealSoundsOK: "Our new video was shot there with two children acting as our guides, traversing through the empty buildings, industrial smoke and natural landscapes.

"Northern Lights is the title track from our most recent EP. We released it in North America last month. Tyler [Kyte] lives in Canada, while myself and David [Granshaw] live in the UK, so it was past time for a proper Stateside release.

"Although we use my name, the group is very much a band. We also don't plan on being home much. A decade of transatlantic songwriting makes you hungry for the road."

Born in England to Irish parents, Ryan says his musical career started at the age of ten. He added: "My father stuck a guitar in my hands declaring, 'You're never going to impress anyone with your looks or your charm so you better get good at this'. We're not big on compliments in my family."

You can watch the video for Northern Lights below and for more on the band - currently touring across Europe - visit

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