Monday, 4 May 2015

New live track from The Trend

GRUNGE rockers The Trend have released a live version of their track We're Not Gunna Be Seen.

The track was written by the Sudbury, Suffolk, band's bassist Fenton Brett.

He told RealSoundsOK: "I like how the illusive dark visions of the dreary riff played on bass guitar that runs through the songs body coupled with the sharp powerful and electric riff played by the guitar, complimenting each other perfectly.

"I also like how the verses are unorthodox. The lyrics aren't meaningful in this one its just a few line to growl and what for the drop and instruments to take effect. "

Drummer Connor Hume added: "We didn't want to write a song that follows a formula, we tried to make it different structurally and make a memorable guitar riff that fits with the lyrics."

You can listen to the song - available on the band's Soundcloud page - and to find out more, read the Q&A they did with RealSoundsOK in September here.

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