Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New single from VanDeRocker

ALT-rock artist VanDeRocker has released her new single Without The Light.

It is taken from the Texan's album Jupiter's Kiss, which is due for release late this summer.

Adrienne VanDeRocker told RealSoundsOK: "Without The Light is very much a renegade anthem, celebrating the power of looking within and honouring your truth.

"It's too easy to put the blinders on and just float where our culture leads us, especially if we are led to believe we won't be loved or accepted should we stray from the pack.

"This is just a gentle reminder not to give fear of the unknown, fear of speaking that truth or fear of being different so much power.

"As for the music, I wanted the sound to be super stripped back and unpolished. The message is so fundamental, the track had to be reckless and raw."

Listen to Without The Light below and visit facebook.com/Vanderocker or twitter.com/vanderocker for more.

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