Thursday, 16 July 2015

Alicia G Q&A

Your name: 
Alicia Guastaferro.

Where are you from? 
Buffalo NY, US.

Name of band: 
Alicia G.

Who else is in your band? 
Just me!

How would you describe yourself and your music?
My motto in life is "Go big or go home" and I never ever go home. My music is fun and wild just like me!!!

Who are your main influences musically?
Some of my biggest influences would be Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj because I love the sound and quality of there voice. Especially the fact when you hear one of there songs you can immediately recognize there voice because they don't sound like anyone else which I love. I also like Eminem,he is my all time favorite rapper. A reason why is because he is so bold in what he says and never holds anything back.

What do you hope to achieve in music?
I hope to achieve in music to record some new songs and get them out to the public and enjoy every moment of my journey. My goal is to keep working hard and never give up on my dream until I walk the RED CARPET being a STAR!!!

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why?
I love being on the stage performing and entertaining for people. My daddy has always said I have a smile that can light up a room and a charisma and charm that wins over the audience every time.When I see someone smile after I perform I feel that I succeeded my goal which was to entertain the audience and that is what I love the most to put a smile on people's faces.

If you had to pick just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why?
The song “Pretty Girl” is just a all around fun song to listen to and to dance too. The back round of the song is to promote the fact that every girl in the world is PRETTY and every girl should be proud to scream and shout it out loud that they are PRETTY and to boost girls confidence in today's society. 

Where can we listen to it?

Where can we find out more about your music?
All Songs are available for purchase on Reverbnation. Please checkout my Profile on Reverbnation (ALICIA G). Please become a FAN and Share with your friends !!! It has all the links to where the song is available for purchase on Reverbnation.

Anything else you’d like to say about your music that I forgot to ask?
At the end of the day music is my true passion that I love so much. I originally started training in classical music singing opera at the age of 13 but as time went on I grew to enjoy and love rap and hip-hop. I love rap the best because you can tell a story to hear threw your lyrics that can relate to everyday life.I just really want to be able to share my life stories threw the music I make and make people SMILE and Dance ... "Everyone in this world deserves to be truly happy.-ALICIA G" One thing is for sure I have lived a crazy life and I have a lot to say and a lot to talk about lol !!!

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