Thursday, 3 September 2015

New single teases forthcoming Foreign Films album

ALT-pop outfit The Foreign Films have released the single Empire Of The Night.

It is taken from Side 3, the six-track teaser to a full double album due out in early 2016.

Bill Majoros, the man behind the music, told RealSoundsOK: "With Empire Of The Night I wanted to juxtapose an up-tempo Stax/Motown/Mod groove and my love of 60's girl groups with a surreal emotional narrative.

"The character in the song has fallen into the ocean and his life flashes before his eyes.
Maybe he survives maybe he doesn't... On another level it's about the mystery and magic of darkness, the dazzling beauty of the sky at night.

"To me the best songs are deeply personal and universal at the same time. This song is an archetypal painting of to night, night to day, ocean and sky. It's about a journey into the heart of darkness."
You can watch the video below and listen to all of Side 3 at

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