Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Amber shares her music with the world

HAVING kept her music between her and her pets for some time, Amber Edgar is ready to share her sounds with the world.

Honey & Sorrow and its b-side troubles are now available to download for free at

The photographer and graphic designer, from Hamilton, Canada, said: "I’ve spent many years writing for myself, playing for my pets and friends, and occasionally opening for local bands. I never released my songs to the public. Somehow they stayed trapped in my little world. Until I burst. I NEEDED to have my music heard. 

"A dialogue had to be formed. I felt an urgency to become committed to my creative endeavours, whatever the cost. I didn’t give a fuck. I use to, but that was before.

"When I was younger, music and writing helped me get through my most traumatic moments. I have friends, food, sleep and meds for that now, but writing and playing music continues to be therapeutic experience for me. An experience I’m ready to share."

You can listen to the tracks below and for more information on Amber visit or

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