Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New album on the way from Dave McPherson

Dave McPherson with InMe

OVER the past decade Dave McPherson has been consistently creating music and touring, but only recently has become a fully-formed solo artist.

New album Dreamoirs is how the InMe frontman has developed and evolved his musical style and abilities over that time.

InMe offered a glimpse of the mainstream with major festival appearances across the globe, but his new release is a far distance from his output in his late teens/early 20s.

The self-confessed Star Trek obsessive is more than happy to embrace his inner geek and in truly modern style spends hours a day noting lyrical ideas in his iPhone, researching ideas and singing newly formed melodies to himself in the street.

After a number of DIY EP’s taken out on tour at a point when Essex-boy Dave was fast approaching 700 solo shows, 2011 saw him truly enter the realm of the solo artist and release ‘The Hardship Diaries’ via Pledge Music. 

But  2013 is to be the busiest year of Dave McPherson’s career as he embarks first on ‘The Good People Movement: 365’ – the mammoth task of writing and recording a song every day of the year. 

‘Dreamoirs’ will be officially released in June 2013 and sees Dave record the full instrumentation, although he'll have assistance on the road.

For more information about Dave and his music, visit and there's a taster of his music below.

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