Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Will Tommy Jones Q&A

Your names: 
Gary Joe Mitchell (lead vocalist/keyboardist), Mark Hartman Anderson (drums, percussion and backup vocals) and Billy Gardner (lead guitar and backup vocals).
Where are you from? 
Rural North Texas, USA.

Name of band:

How would you describe yourselves? 
Food for the ears with the main ingredient being mellow rock spiced with country, classical Latin and jazz in a funky sauce.

Who are your main influences musically? 
Cat Stevens, Hank Williams Sr, Lou Reed, Little Feat, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, Beatles.

What do you hope to achieve in music? 
We hope to help better the world through our music. our next album will have a few more politically motivated songs on it. We believe that there is enough in this world for everyone to live a very comfortable life, however due to some greedy, power hungry individuals, there are people starving, many of whom have no place to lay their head. We are optimistic that in the future, ALL people on the face of the earth will live as one regardless of color, religion, race or sexual orientation. Our motto is 'No matter where you come from, we are all pretty much the same". So, through our music, we would like to inform the masses of the fact that if you were to talk with almost anyone, one on one, anywhere on this planet, most are all about world peace and there is much less prejudice that exists than what our governments would like for us to believe.. We believe that ALL governments were formed by a handful of people for their own personal gain and that they feed the media lies and propaganda as a diversion from the truth in ordere to cover up what is really going on. We want to make the world a better place through our music.

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why? 
The signing of our record contract this year w/Tate Music Group. TMG is a mainstream label with 200 dedicated, family oriented employees who have everything in place to make one successful. WTJ has the material it takes to make hits. TMG partnered with WTJ is a winning combination. They heard our music and they believe in us. They are the final piece to the puzzle that is now turning a lifelong dream into reality.

And what's the moment you want to forget? 
Tripping on mushrooms while performing at a gig about 15 years ago. We learned very quickly that gigging and shrooms just do not mix.

If you could choose just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why? 
Gun To My Head.
Our songs are real and honest and address subjects  that most simply choose to this song's case, suicide. I had two choices. Pull the trigger or write a song about it. Our music and lyrics create quite a contrast in most all our songs. While the lyrics are somewhat sad, dark and many times depressing, the music is up, loose, tight, gutty and hybridized with a  good time feel. Somehow in our music, regardless of how depressing the subject matter might be, we find that good outweighs bad. so by the time the song is over with, Instead of leaving everyone in a state of depression it leaves them believing that everything is going to be ok.  

Where can we listen to it? 

Where can we find out more about your music?

Anything else you'd like to say about your band that I forgot to ask? 
No but I would appreciate it if you could mention that the national release date for our self-titled debut album on the TMG record label should take place on Auguist 1st 2013. At that point it will be available at Wal-Mart, Hastings, Target and Best Buy. Digital downloads will be on iTunes, spotify, amazon and dozens of other online stores. However, by mid June the CD can be purchased at www.wtjones or

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