Friday, 14 June 2013

Blinker The Star's "album within one track"

BLINKER The Star have unveiled their new single Future Fires.

Jordon Zadorozy - the man behind the Ontario, Canada, outfit - explained his experimental approach to the track.

He said: "My goal was to harness the energy of an album into one three and a half minute song.

"The approach excited not just the producer in me, but also the arranger and songwriter. I allowed myself to experiment with every detail, while condensing the song down to its most exciting elements.

"I’ve spent the greater part of my musical career constructing albums. Blinker The Star has released six records so far, and I’ve also had the pleasure of producing and engineering a great many others, at my studio French Kiss."

To celebrate, the band is playing its first show in nine years tonight at Horseshoe, in Toronto.

You can have a listen to Future Fires and watch the video above.

And check out my Q&A with Jordon here.

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