Saturday, 22 June 2013

Coppertone takes on The Man

BLUES rocker The Coppertone has embarked on an unusual quest against The Man.

Signed up to a record contract she felt was unfair, the artist - aka Amanda Zelina - decided to admit her mistake and take the consequences.

The 27-year-old Canadian is walking out on the deal, owing her record label $20,000 for the ownership of her songs in the process.

She has now started up a campaign to raise the funds to get out the deal and then release the album she started more than two years ago.

The red-head said: "I believe in living life with integrity, I believe in standing up for your rights and I believe in being yourself at all costs. 

"At the time I signed the contract I had already spent 11 years working passionately on my craft. I sacrificed everything in order to pursue it. I woke up a year ago and decided enough was enough. Even if it meant starting from scratch.

"Knowing full well there would be repercussions, I decided I would rather move forward with integrity than stay put and be taken advantage of."

Amanda has already managed to raise around $8,500 of her target, but obviously needs to boost to hit it. Head over to her page on Indiegogo to find out how you can help.

You can also check out the track she wrote and recorded for the campaign - Young Blood - below and for more details on The Coppertone, visit her Facebook or Twitter pages.

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