Saturday, 1 June 2013

Launch party for Dave McPherson's solo album

DAVE McPherson will launch his new solo album Dreamoirs on Thursday night with a gig at London's Camden Barfly.

The InMe frontman will be performing with his new full band, plus Danny Cavanagh of Anathema.

With new album, Dave is establishing himself as a hard-working artistic soul and revealing unlikely influences in the likes of Talk Talk and Brian May guitar theatrics. 

Dave, from Brentwood in Essex, played well over 800 solo shows in the past few years, strapping on his acoustic guitar, hopping on trains around the country and couch surfing his way into the ears of listeners. He’s also released all of his solo material himself, engaging fans via Pledge, surpassing the target to well over 250 per cent. 

2013 is to be the busiest year of Dave McPherson’s career as he embarks first on ‘The Good People Movement: 365’ – the mammoth task of writing and recording a song every day of the year! This in itself is quite a challenge, especially during the year when his second solo album is released and toured.

For more on Dave, check out my Q&A with him from last month and check out the video for Kingdom above.

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