Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mr Gig gets his mojo back

NIGE Tassell's life has been defined by live music.

As a roadie, DJ, promoter, reviewer and punter, it is the fabric of his being. He is Mr Gig. Or at least he was.

A few years ago he hung up his backstage pass and headed off to raise children in rural isolation.

On a mission to rekindle his passion for live music, he embarked on a round-Britain trip that took in super-sized arena shows to microscopic folk festivals, from blacker-than-black death metal gatherings to brightly coloured 80s pop revivals.

The result is his funny and rousing audiobook memoir Mr Gig: One Man's Search for the Soul of Live Music available through

It takes in a number of scrapes including being the recipient of Glastonbury guru Michael Eavis' practical joke, eating his way through Elbow's backstage banquet, enduring near death en route to a festival on a remote Hebridean island and even going gladioli shopping with a Smiths tribute band.

You can download the book from Audible here and you can follow Nige on Twitter here.

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