Friday, 26 July 2013

Transistor Q&A

Your name: 
Steve Wishart.

Where are you from?
We are based out of Barrie, Ontario Canada. Which is about a two hour drive north of Toronto.

Name of band:

Who is in your band?
Steve Wishart (lead vocals and guitar)
Chris Nunes (vocals and lead guitar)
Joel Schonewille (drums and percussion)
Don Lindsay (bassist)

How would you describe yourselves?
Original and fun! We mix a driving energy with intricate lyrics to reveal music that is melodic, catchy and heavy. At the core we are a rock band, but we like to put our own spin into it. Originality is a big key to our motivation.

Who are your main influences musically?
You would be hard pressed to find a band with a more diverse selection of influences. Each of us bring a wide array of artists that we enjoy listening to into the group. It helps in defining who we are as a band. Chris has a leaning towards AC/DC and Foo Fighters. Don lends an ear to The Pixies and Bowie. Steve's influences range from Barenaked Ladies, Weezer and The Tragically Hip. Joel enjoys bands such as The Spoons, Nik Kershaw and The Weakerthans.

What do you hope to achieve in music?
To be frank, we really haven't set too many goals. We just like to do what we do and keep on doing it. As long as we get to write music together and enjoy what we do we are happy with it. Ultimately, our goals are no more than writing a song or two that people would enjoy and want to listen to. Each one of our tunes that we write is an achievement to us.

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why?
We have seen small successes as a band over the years. Just little things here and there, nothing huge, but they are highlights to us. We had our music air in another country (other than Canada) in the UK on Amazing Radio. It was cool just to hear an announcer with an accent introduce our music.
We have also enjoyed the art of doing videos. We've never really had the opportunity to do them before because they have always been expensive to produce. But luckily, prices have come down over time and we have learned a lot about video production ourselves. Our latest video that we produced was for our song Glimpse. We came up with the storyline for it of evil Whale hunters tracking down prey only to have their fortunes turn on them. It is a completely live action/CG mix that was created entirely by the band, with a little help from hiring a friend to do the camera work. The highlight was the video actually got some recognition from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Founder and fellow Canadian, Capt. Paul Watson tweeted after viewing the video that he loved the message it sent. You can view our video for Glimpse by following this link:
Overall, our best highlights have come from writing strong songs that are timeless. That is where we feel we've had our biggest success.

And what’s the moment you want to forget?
We've been around the block a few times over the years...We've played to full bars and shows all the way to gigs with nobody there. The latter are the times you want to forget, but they help define you, ground you and build character.

If you had to choose just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why?
Wow....the Sophie's Choice question. Hmmm...We have so many tunes that we have written that we love for all kinds of different reasons. To pick one is difficult, especially when each of us all have our own favourites. General consensus with 50% of the band is a song called Forever & Always. We picked it because it encompasses pretty much everything about the band’s writing. There are strong guitars, vocals with harmonies and lyrics that have a great hook. Not to mention it was one of the first songs we wrote together.

Where can we listen to it?
You can find the song on our website available for free download too!
The direct link to Forever & Always is:

Where can we find out more about your music?
Official Website: Find out all the latest news and info about the band at our official website.

Facebook: We love to hear from people that enjoy our tunes! Like us on facebook and fire us any questions! We enjoy the social online aspect of connecting our music and band to our fans.

Twitter: Facebook not your thing? Follow us on Twitter then…

YouTube: See all our videos and behind the scenes footage of the band!

Reverbnation: Find some rarity performances of acoustic stuff and other miscellaneous band tidbits!

Anything else you’d like to say about your band that I forgot to ask?
We’ve kinda gone against the grain with our music from a promotion aspect. We want as many people to hear our music and download it as possible. We give it away for FREE download from our website, as thanks for listening! So please feel free to download and share with people! We also love performing live shows and are available for bookings too! If anyone has an event with a performance slot please contact us at
Not too much other than to say thanks for the interview! It was fun and you asked some great questions. Much appreciated!

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