Monday, 23 September 2013

Delta Will arrives from outer space

IT'S not often that RealSoundsOK gets an email from outer space, but one dropped into my inbox recently from an alien called Delta Will.
Alien invasion...

I'll let him explain why he's here while I decide which leader to take him to...

"Delta Will here. I’m a visitor from outer space who’s become fascinated with humans and their traditions of folk, blues and pop music. Charles Tilden has been kind enough to lend me his body so I can create my own musical experiments. 

"I can see the world through his lens and have taken the opportunity to study life on Earth as much as I can. This latest batch of songs was recorded with producer Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Tokyo Police Club, Snowblink). The full EP arrives October 22nd. 
"You can hear the first track ‘It All Glows’ at both my bandcamp (downloadable) and my soundcloud. Worlds Collide!

"My first recording on Earth was released on floppy disk and I was surprised to find out how quickly these objects had become obsolete. The newest recording is available on wav and mp3. I look forward to seeing how long before they become obsolete. 

"Thank you for spending some time with me, as I spend it with you."

So there you have it - sounds from deep space. And if you want to find out whether this fella is little or green then visit or and keep an eye out for his forthcoming Q&A with RealSoundsOK.

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