Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New album from Visc

THE Original Rebels is the new album from experimental artist Visc.

Dylan Fellows - the mastermind behind the project - told RealSoundsOK about the evolution behind the new album.

He said: "It's is a monster-themed album. Each song is about a specific monster that scared me as a child, which is why I almost named the album 'Frightened Dylan'. 

"Coming from 'Virtual Friends', my wildly successful second album, I was really lost as to what kind of music to make. I wandered around genres for about a year, trying to figure out what kind of sound I wanted to make, and it was in about January of this year that I realized what was wrong. I was focused on the instrumentation of the album, instead of the theme of it. 

"Once I chose my theme, which was actually pretty easy, the instrumentation sort of fell into place."

The Original Rebels is much darker than its predecessor, but Dylan adds: "I think - and hope - that is still maintains the light-hearted 'it's all a joke' vibe, which I think is an important part in any song I write.

"I used much more guitars than on Virtual Friends and placed the synth work in the background, using it as more of an accent than a structure.

I wrote and recorded everything by myself, but to add a little diversity in the background, I had a few friends, including my sister, come record some back-up. I always recommend having some friends stop by to add a bit to the track, even if it doesn't add a ton to the song. It's always a hilariously good time, and it really takes away some of the stresses of recording."

You can download The Original Rebels - along with Visc's other releases - at visc.bandcamp.com for 'Name Your Price'.

To find out a little more about Dylan, check out the Q&A he did with RealSoundsOK back in March.

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