Thursday, 10 October 2013

Morgan Doctor's 'most revealing' album

DRUMMER Morgan Doctor has released her third and "most revealing" album Major Over Minor.

It is the first fully instrumental album by the LA-born, Toronto-based artist.

And she told RealSoundsOK: "This album is definitely my most personal album to date. During the  creation of it, I spent so much time alone, more than I ever had  before in my life.  When I work with vocalists I tend to let them  write the lyrics, I wanted this record to be an album between the  music and me. The music really reflected that time of me being solo.

"Because I am a drummer and multi-instrumentalist but not a singer, a  full instrumental album is more my voice."

Check out the stream of the album at and the track West Coast below. 

For more information on Morgan, keep an eye on RealSoundsOK in the coming days for a Q&A. Or if you want to know more NOW visit

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