Friday, 15 November 2013

Free track from David Bronson

NEW York artist David Bronson is giving away the track Animals from his latest album The Long Lost as a free download.

He says of the track: "This is a song about accountability and the opposing forces of recklessness and restraint that fight within each of us. It was written very much as a reaction (not surprising, as the whole project is blatantly so); a perhaps somewhat idealistic plea-scream from a wounded young bleeding heart trying desperately to appeal to some sense of inter-personal responsibility blatantly absent from his experience of relationship. To me, it's also a very pronounced statement of loss."

Bronson released his debut album Story earlier this year, with the prequel The Long Lost out more recently in October.

Have a listen below and visit to download. You can also click here to read the Q&A David did with RealSoundsOK back in January.

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