Monday, 9 December 2013

Free single from new Velvet Ants album

Ian Margolycz - or is it Gerry Rafferty?
THE Velvet Ants have released their new album Solt Olio and first single Cardigan's Fable can be downloaded for free.

The album makes the culmination of a long period of change for Ian Margolycz, vocalist and soul remaining member of the band started out in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 2006.

He told RealSoundsOK: "The Velvet Ants started out very much as a band, but before it was always one guy does this, one guy does that. On Solt Olio things changed. 

"As I began to write and prepare our third album I found myself working alone. I informally started working with producer Jordon Zadorozny on some b-sides, which sparked even more interest for another album. After recruiting bassist Eric Sakmar things were off and running. I was fortunate that both guys immediately understood the songs and what I was going for. 

"In the past it had always been: Work with what you got and keep the complaints to a minimum. This time I was lucky enough to have people inspiring each other, instead of convincing each other. We kept performances real with minimal editing, and no artifice.

"If you listen to those great albums from yesteryear you find all sorts of human elements. And the songs are better for it."

You can check out the album at where you can also find other links to discover more about the band.

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