Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New video from daysdeaf

HERE'S the video for Giving Life To Greys, the first single taken from the new daysdeaf album When Colour Lost Light.

The band from Toronto, Canada, told RealSoundsOK: "The process involved using a ten-gallon fish tank and mixture of acrylic inks, food dye, and pigment. We explored the emotion and tone of the song through a series of experiments by mixing these materials.

"The album song titles work as a gradient. Starting from white, the songs are then ordered in the form of the electromagnetic spectrum, then moving to phenomena of light.

"We identify with colours, but our colour is always temporary, moving from one to the next. Ever-changing. This album is a subjective look at the omni-present, yet, unconscious influence colour has on identity.

"Hopefully some music stays with you and leaves you deaf for days."

You can download the album from and have a listen below.

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