Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cozmicsoulfire Q&A

Your name: 
Marianne Vedder.

Where are you from? 

Name of band:
Cozmicsoulfire is the name of my act/project.

How would you describe yourself?
Artist/producer/songwriter instead of singer/songwriter cuz I work more like a DJ creating samples and programming stuff.

Who are your main influences musically?
Kate Bush, Linda Perry (producer from Pink, Christina Aquilera and James Blunt and former 4 Non blondes member), Heart Ann & Nancy Wilson, Opeth, Apocalyptica, Massive Attack great songwriters like Carole King, Shelby Lynne etc.

What do you hope to achieve in music?
Get famous, big fanbase and have my music heard everywhere on radio and used in commercials and films etc.

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why?
My fans voted me into the greatest Rocktemple of The Netherlands Paradiso with Kinkfm radio and being artist of the month on last September. Now I am VIP artist there so my album songs are aired on daily basis.

And what’s the moment you want to forget?
I had to perform with my band back in 2005 and was very ill so my ears where all full of cold and watery and I could not hear myself properly so sang off tune, horrible experience you have to perform when being so ill.

If you had to pick just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why?
Naked in Hell : Poison album (Itunes). Dark bluesy melancholy with lyrics about loss and growth and a sing along chorus so a positive undertone that if we get through we'll be fine again.

Where can we find out more about your music?
On soundcloud and reverbnation you find demos for the new album I am currently working on and will hopefully be in stores around September this year.

Poison Album on Itunes: 

and Spotify:
Poison,The Dance& The love Album & We2Are1 on Aurovine

Anything else you’d like to say about your band/music that I forgot to ask?
I produce, create, sing, write, play and sample all myself with occasional help from my sound engineer.

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