Thursday, 1 May 2014

New video ahead of summer album from The Orwells

US rockers The Orwells have released a video for Let It Burn ahead of the launch on album Disgraceland on June 2nd through Canvasback/Atlantic Records.

The album - recorded at studios in London, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Woodstock last year - tells the story of the Chicago band escaping the confines of their home town and thei own expectations of themselves.

It follows 2012 debut Remember When, recorded in the basement at guitarist Matt O'Keefe's parents' house. He along with bassist Grant Brinner, his drummer brother Henry, guitarist Dominic Corso and his cousin, singer Mario Cuomo, had been playing together since their early teens. 

O'Keefe told RealSoundsOK: "We were hoping eventually something would happen and it would become serious.

“We were like, ‘We love writing songs, so let’s just keep doing it.’ When we were writing those early songs, the goal was just to make all the other bands in our high school jealous.

"You make good music, say what you wanna say and have a good time - that was what we were shooting for,” O’Keefe adds. “But now that we’re a little older, the goal is bringing rock & roll back to everybody’s car speakers. Sometimes you get afraid to go to the highest point you can, at the price of being called sell-outs or whatever. 

"But we say fuck that, if we can get every single kid playing rock and roll music in their parents’ car stereos, that’s what we wanna do."

The Orwells are also touring the UK in June with dates in Liverpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham, London and Manchester, as well as this year's Reading and Leeds Festivals.

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