Monday, 26 May 2014

Upbeat but emotional sounds from Ivory Hours

ALT-pop outfit Ivory Hours will release their new album Mary on June 3rd.

Luke Roes from the Canadian band describes it as "a smorgasbord of six of the best pop tunes we've made to date".

He told RealSoundsOK: "The music is upbeat and colorful, while lyrically undercut with themes of loss, relationships and depression.

"Before Mary, my sister Annie and I were living in Vancouver, but moved back home [to London, Ontario] to be closer to our family after the loss of our brother. Since then we've pursued music with a renewed passion.

"As a younger songwriter it sometimes felt like I had to seek out chaotic experiences in order to tell compelling stories, but time has shown me that hardship will eventually find everyone.

"Songs can't change difficult circumstances, but I hope they can help people navigate them."

You can get a taste of the band below and for more information visit or

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