Saturday, 21 June 2014

Broken Links release Blood On The Motorway

ELECTRO-rock trio Broken Links have released Blood On The Motorway - the first track from their second album Divide/Restore.

Frontman Mark Lawrence told RealSoundsOK: "The song is about being stuck in a dead-end town that's more like a circus than real life, like Eastenders! Somewhere full of freaks and losers, it’s never gonna change but you can't get out so you just deal with it."

The Hampshire UK band are slowly building to the debut of the album by putting out a song a month until its release date. Keep an eye on their social media pages as the next release will be video only.

You can listen or download Blood On The Motorway at these places: 

For more on Broken Links - who are heading out on tour around the UK and Europe this autumn - visited or and you can check out the Q&A drummer Phil did with RealSoundsOK by clicking here.

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