Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Suburb's one-a-week challenge

INDIE band The Suburb has been taking part in the One Year One Song A Week challenge - getting musicians to great a song every seven days, filming the process and releasing a video.

Barcelona's Raul Bonilla - the man behind The Suburb - is already more than halfway along with 31 songs in 31 weeks without interruption and as an acoustic duo has played 30 gigs in three months.

He told RealSoundsOK: "After more than 30 weeks in a row uploading a video song to YouTube every Friday , it's time to have a look at the result and analyze the trajectory, an exercise in objectification of what is coming out of the OYOSAW challenge.

"The idea was to make a videosong every week and upload it to Youtube every Friday, essentially covers of some of my favorite songs of all time and began in late October 2013 with a cover of Walk on the wild side which sadly coincided with the death Lou Reed, its author. So it meant both the presentation of the challenge and immediately posthumous tribute .

"As I uploaded the second video song , a friend wrote to me asking me to do an specific cover and it unleashed a flood of suggestions. As a result I have covered songs of all kinds and I have been able to study the compositions and resources from many different authors and different styles (watch XO – Beyoncé or Video killed the radio star – The Buggles).

"For Christmas (after two months of video songs) I got the first hints for playing live and on March 1st I performed as a three-piece band (bass, drums and electric guitar) at a private party in Riudoms (Tarragona, Spain) and the same week I started playing in acoustic duo format in various bars in Barcelona. This week I’ll give 30th concert in three months.

"The Suburb page is in three languages, gathers all video songs, live dates and a booking service for as musical performances (all kinds of band formats, electric, acoustic) and personalization of songs. Moreover, yesterday I launched the renamed blog category The ABCs of freelance musician  with a new post: experiences, tips and thoughts of a 100 per cent DIY, 100 per cent independent musician.

"There are still 20 weeks of challenge ahead, 20 videos to come and many concerts to give. Some of the new suggestions that have come to me are making a record with the best versions and videos when the challenge ends; touring all around Spain giving concerts at followers’ homes and making original songs."

You can view Raul's clip for Video Killed The Radio Star below and for the full list visit his YouTube channel.

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