Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mikeey Lets Them Hang

GRUNGE pop artist Mikeey has released new track Let Them Hang.

The singer, from Oxford, England, got in touch with RealSoundsOK to tell us about the song. He said: "I wrote it for a little EP I was working on after the Mikeey EP, but then I thought 'fuck it, why not make an album?' because this track was a sudden change in my current genre of music.

"In its own right it deserved to be an album, especially after recording the vocals, it just really hit me because I shared my recording pattern and vulnerability behind the scenes of producing a record with someone new when I was the main role behind the record.

"I am really grateful for Daniella helping me make this into what it is today and helping me overcome some nervous feeling of working with someone else!

"The lyrical process behind this record was far too quick (I wrote the lyrics in 30 minutes). I feel like it was right the first time but that soon changed when I got to the studio and dropped a verse off the song and removed the synth from the track entirely and because of this I believe it sounds a lot more raw and real!

"My favourite lyric in this song would have to be: “The Holy Father said you’ll soon be dead”. I think this is my favourite line because it is telling the story and to be told that you’re going to die is ground-breaking for anyone and that is the time we all pray for a miracle!"

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  1. The best I've heard you do. A better direction for you.